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documentary filmmakers, Tim DeChristopher, social justice, global warming
social justice, global warming, documentary filmmakers, climate justice

Beth Gage & George Gage

Gage & Gage Productions


Since 1995, George and Beth Gage, as Gage & Gage Productions, have produced high-quality documentary films that educate, entertain, inspire and motivate viewers to an active humanitarianism and environmentalism.  Concentrating on the environment and social justice, we focus on issues that are under-represented in the current media. We are committed to moving and provocative presentations that initiate dialogues and prompt action on these subjects.

Beth chooses the film’s subject, creates the stories and writes the narration. George is responsible for the films’ stunning cinematography.

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Documentary filmmaker, climate justice, activism, Tim DeChristopher

Ryan Suffern, editor

Long before I became a filmmaker, photography was my first creative love.  There's just something about documenting the world around us in an endless series of split second moments that really appeals to me.  As a result, I could not have been more inspired when I found myself walking the streets of Salt Lake City on February 28th, 2010, using my camera to bear witness to the trial of Tim DeChristopher and the critical movement he's helping to create.  These images are quite literally just a glimpse of the palpable energy that was in the air that day, but I'm very proud to have been there to see it, camera in hand.

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this is what hope looks like

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