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Tim DeChristopher, environmental films, climate change, activist


documentary filmmakers, environmental film, social justice, climate justice
​​Praise for Bidder 70:

"...without the slightest tinge of manipulation, Bidder 70 convinces us that these people really do care about the fate of humankind and that we're entrapped in a legal system that is, environmentally speaking, still set on driving us off a cliff. "

-Kalvin Henely, Slant Magazine


​"Topped my list for the most inspiring film"​
-Stephanie Penn Spears, EcoWatch

"Powerful, intelligent and very entertaining, BIDDER 70 will show you how one person can change the world."

-Frank Marshall, Kennedy-Marshall Company


​​"The Bottom Line: This thoughtful doc vividly illustrates the personal consequences of daring to take on the government."  

-Hollywood Reporter

"A film everyone needs to see, even if you think you’re well-informed about political issues, environmentalism, and global climate change."

-Ashland Independent Film Festival


“An excellent new documentary, "Bidder 70," tells the story of another young hero's great risk on behalf of the environment. It's a moving film with an inspiring message calling us to work on behalf of the environment and humanity. It also takes us through the step-by-step experience of the consequences of a serious civil disobedience action.”

-National Catholic Reporter


“this is a well-paced, well-edited, compelling, inspiring film energized by a courageous American. I recommend viewing it.”

-Ross Anthony, Hollywood Report Card

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