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Gage & Gage Productions has partnered with Theatrical On Demand film distribution service, Gathr Films, to allow individuals the opportunity to book Bidder 70 into movie theaters across the country. But it will only come to your community if enough people reserve tickets. After you submit a request on Gathr, you’ll receive your own personal screening webpage where all of your friends can easily reserve tickets to the film.


Below we've provided all the resources you need to get started as a Captain!

1. Set up your screening on Gathr


    Sign-up here to host your Bidder 70 screening
    Receive a personalized screening webpage to share with all your friends.
    Check out the Gathr FAQ if you need any additional help.

Note: It can take anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks to receive the link.  Once you receive it, you and others can begin reserving tickets and “tip” your screening.

2. Get the word out

Promote your Bidder 70 screening by starting with friends and family, then partnering with community organizations (churches, student groups, environmental organizations). Use these resources and brainstorm your own creative outreach ideas as well!

    Gathr's Captain Kit

    Intro to Promoting your screening!
    Email template to send to local community organizations

    Bidder 70 Earth Day Press Release

3. Engage your supporters in the movement

Stay up-to-date on current events: visit any of our partner organization's websites and read up on the latest issues.
Turn your event into a fundraiser
    For donations to Bidder 70:
    Payable to: Bidder 70

    PO Box 2526

    Telluride CO 81435




4. Host the event

Bidder 70 runs for approximately 73 minutes. Use 5 to 10 minutes prior to introduce the film.

After the screening, distribute postcards.

    Postcard front for printing

    Postcard back for printing


LIVE STREAMING tech specs will be posted here soon...stay tuned!





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